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About NXTG

A team and community driven eco fintech project. NextGen’s vision is to create a carbon neutral blockchain ecosystem. Striking the perfect balance between finance, community and fundraising.Our passionate and driven team will strive to turn these concepts into reality.

Our objectives:

  • Build a fun, engaging and contributive community
  • Create a carbon neutral blockchain based payment system
  • Utilise blockchain technology to improve the renewable energy sector
  • Support environmentally focussed charities and technology development

Moving to an environmentally sustainable world will be possible if we can direct funding to organisations striving to make this a reality. Properly funded research and development will expedite the transition to a cleaner world. We are the crypto solution to earth’s pollution. Join the green blockchain revolution.


“The creation of a thousand trees can be in one token.” – NextGen


Green Energy:

Funding projects that have immense potential to decrease our reliance on fossil fuel based energy sources. Many potential technologies are underfunded. Funding is key to push these technologies into mainstream adoption and help with R&D.

Food Waste and localisation:

Supporting companies that are working towards improving and developing vertical farm infrastructure and food localisation systems to cut down on transport distances and the massive land cost of current agricultural means.

Recycling Programs:

Funding innovative new startups taking recycling and upcycling to the next level, bringing their ideas into mainstream adoption


Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Three

Phase Three


NXTG employs 4 simple functions with the 10% tax.

Total Supply

1,000T on build

300T Burnt on Launch

Burn address:


200T - Presale (20%)

Presale is vested over 4 months with monthly unlocking

Transaction Tax 10%

3% Reflections(Holder distributions)

2% Funding pool (1.5% to charity address/0.5% community pool address)

3% Liquidity pool

2% Burn (Burn wallet is a holder too)

Token Address

Burn Address:


Funding Pool / Charity:


Liquidty Pool Address:



“You can wreck one rainforest then move, drain one area of resources and move onto another, but climate change is global.” ― David Attenborough


Initial fundraising charities
we will support:

Trees For The Future

Are a combined effort of planting trees using forest gardens and ending hunger and poverty by training farmers to regenerate their land and diversify farming practices.

The Ocean Clean Up

The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization and is developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. They are aiming for an ambitious target or achieving a 90% reduction in ocean plastic and recycling as much as possible

Solar Electric Light Fund

SELF designs and implements solar projects for disadvantaged communities around the world  to advance their levels of healthcare, education, water and food security, and economic development.

Cool Earth

CoolEarth works with communities and people who want to protect the forest in which they live. From setting up an in-country team working directly with communities to helping local charities develop their capacity, partnerships are agile and adaptable to each location.

How To buy

Step One

Download & setup MetaMask or TrustWallet

Download MetaMask or TrustWallet

Add Binance Smart Chain to your network list:

MetaMask Guide

TrustWallet Guide

Step Two

Buy and send BNB to MetaMask

Buy BNB on an exchange (i.e. Binance). Transfer the tokens to your MetaMask wallet address. BEP-20 addresses start with an "0x"

For MetaMask users If you buy from an exchange that doesn’t support BEP-20 withdrawing for BNB you can download the official Binance Smart Wallet for Chrome\Brave (Make sure it's the official extension) and you can change it there before sending it to your Metamask wallet.

Step Three

Head over to PancakeSwap and swap for NXTG

Click here to head on over to PancakeSwap or use this address:

0xE68bA9C8411B27BD71811b1B1e5574CBAdD09655 to select NXTG. 

Set the slippage tolerance between 11-12% 

Step Four

Buy, Hold and show support the cause

Swap BNB for NXTG. 

Now you need to add NXTG manually to your wallet:

MetaMask Wallet Instructions

TrustWallet Instructions

NXTG - Community Planeteers

Go Planet!

As a community driven crypto project, NextGen is a great place for making content, memes and art, participating in competitions, contributing to the direction of the project and a place to call home for those who share our vision.

Our discord is a fun place where community members can contribute to building a fun place full of content and users can level up to become planeteers! Be sure to check it out as there are some great perks to becoming a planeteer especially once we release the blockchain.

We are open to suggestions and happy for the community to get involved with suggestions for donations and investments. As we grow we will want to take on as many fundraising projects as we can and the community will be a big part of the decision making process.

In future we will launch NFTs for artists to make the most of our mascot and the elements represented below, choose your element and get creative.







Community Downloads:

Community Socials:




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What are the basics of how the token works?

NXTGToken is a deflationary token at its core. This means as trading takes place, supply is removed forever. Basic supply and demand dictates that reducing supply increases value over time.

The tax is an automatic action that is built into every transaction. It burns, further reducing supply, pools funds for environmentally focussed charities/investments, rewards holders of the token by redistributing a portion of the tax of each transaction to their token balance, relative to the amount the holder has and finally pools funds to use for decentralized exchanges (DEX) to allow for instant trading without the need of an orderbook, which is typical on most centralized exchanges.

What dictates the price?

The price of any asset is dependent on general market conditions and the faith the community as a whole has in any given project. 

Crypto assets go through volatile trending cycles and market conditions known as bull and bear markets and consolidation phases where the price tracks sideways for a period of time. 

It is this volatility that makes crypto so attractive, as through the traditional stock market it would take years to achieve what some cryptocurrencies and projects can achieve in a matter of weeks if the conditions are perfect.

As a holder, time is on your side, the asset class is growing, there will be ups and downs but overall the market is growing at an exponential rate.

Through hard work and determination we plan to show our community we are a project worth backing and want to return value to anyone who adds our token to their portfolio.

Is NXTG Energy Efficient?

Cryptocurrencies use what is called a consensus algorithm to validate transactions, add new blocks to their blockchain and update their ledger. The two main consensus algorithms used today are proof of work which miners operate and proof of stake which validators operate. NXTG runs on a proof of stake based chain called Binance Smart chain. Power consumption required to operate is very low. Our Tree Planting donations and investing in green energy projects easily brings us close to carbon neutrality.

What is vesting and why do you use it?

The vesting period is used to protect the growth of the token. It locks in Pre-Sale, Team tokens and the funding pools for a duration of time and then only allows access to a small percentage over time once it is unlocked to prevent dumps or any negative effects on the price. Initial donations will all be made by the team to show our dedication to the cause.

Why Green Energy Investment?

The current economic model we live by doesn’t price in the negative downstream externalities attached to the use of any given electricity type. This is not only the case for electricity, almost everything we use today does not factor in the impact it has on the environment, as if it was priced accordingly, the use of coal for example would be way too expensive to use as an energy source due to the heavy impact it has on the environment.
Green energy is moving at a slow pace due to the lack of traditional investment. We hope to speed up the process by helping fund green energy projects to speed up R&D and bring the planet closer to net zero sooner.

Why build your own blockchain?

Part of our vision at NextGen is to make a net zero emissions (and hopefully beyond) blockchain based finance platform. Much like paying with BTC is possible today on many sites and the list is growing, we would love for our cryptocurrency to sit alongside the likes of bitcoin as an option to allow people to make the choice of using a cryptocurrency that is completely carbon neutral and behind the scenes is working towards building a more sustainable future for the planet.

Akin to choosing a bank that was carbon neutral and only invested in renewable energy and made regular donations to charities that help end poverty, reduce the effects of climate change, clean up the oceans and help communities around the world that are less fortunate with green energy and infrastructure projects.

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